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I am sat here on a Friday morning about to write my first blog for our lovely new website and I am wondering where to start when there is so much to talk about when it comes to weddings!

One of the questions I am often asked as a wedding organiser is what’s the most important thing to spend your money on? So I think I will start here.  Everyone has their own ideas of specific elements of their day that they have dreamt about, planned, want and need but it’s easy for costs to mount up.  One of my favourite sayings is ‘You are no more married no matter how much you spend’ so make sure you spend on the things that are important to you. If it helps I would like to share the 3 things that I believe you should allow for (budget wise) to ensure success on the big day and for happily ever after.  The first of those 3 is photography.


Capturing the magical moments on a day that is action packed and flies by is no mean feat.  I see many many photographers week in week out some great, some not so great (thankfully more of the first kind).  My hat go off to the ones who go the extra mile, who balance on tables, rickety chairs, out of windows and over banisters to ensure that they capture the perfect shot.  That photograph that you will look at for the rest of your life, the one that is brought out every anniversary, the one that years down the line is dusted off and still shows the beauty of you, your partner and the love that was shared by everyone on your wedding day. This is why I think getting a great photographer who is approachable, flexible and can deliver high quality photos is so important.


This goes for everyone you choose to work with on your wedding day – you have to be able to feel that you can pick up the phone/email them and everything will be ok. Instant peace of mind can be achieved in the lead up to the day by talking to the professionals.  However approachability is a must with the photographer as they are a big part of your day and probably all of your guests will have some interaction with them, so it really does help if they are friendly and approachable.

High Standard of Photos

Do ask to see their previous work, look at their testimonials and use the internet to help you research them. ‘Google it’ is a daily saying in the office, there is so much information out there at your fingertips and choosing someone to help you achieve an image that you want to look at for the rest of your lives is a big decision.


Do consider how much you are willing to spend on photography but don’t let that be the first thing that drives you. I recently had a Bride and Groom that booked their photography using a discount app. While I am always up for saving money where you can this decision led to a lot of heart ache for the couple. Poor communication in the lead up to the day and left them with distrust as to how their photos would turn out. Not a position I would have ever wanted this lovely couple to be in.

Our Recommendations

Here at West Heath we have lots of fantastic reputable photographers that we can recommend but I just wanted to say a little shout out to two in particular: Helen at Helen England Photography and Claire at Level Eleven Photography. These two ladies are the leaning over the banister, balancing on a chair type and they really do achieve stunning photographs, some of which are below. So well done on capturing that moment and making those memories last a lifetime.

Hope you enjoyed the blog!


Helen England Photography
Helen England Photography
claire sillivan 2
Level Eleven Photography


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