Real Weddings, Matt & Jen

Matt & Jen: How did you meet?

We met during a Stand-up comedy course four years ago.  People on the course always thought we were a couple before the course started, but we just hit it off instantly, and found each other really funny, someone had to I suppose.

M: Proposal

Jen was working in Australia for a few weeks, so I flew out and proposed to her.  I always wanted our proposal to be more then some meal in a restaurant, and thought Australia was the perfect location.  Obviously the attraction of a free holiday had nothing to do with it.  We went on a trip to the Blue Mountains while we were out there, and my plan to was to ask her with the view of the mountains in the background.  Sadly the fog was so bad we couldn’t see more than five foot in front of us, so I have to take the tour guide’s word for it that there were mountains around.

M&J: Why West Heath?

We viewed about five venues, and our advice to any couples viewing more than that is “Are you sure you know what you are looking for?”.  Narrow down a list and view the top five. If you still haven’t found somewhere, look at the list again, see what you didn’t like about them, and make a new list.  West Heath was the first venue we visited, and we fell in love straight away.  Not only with the venue, but Charlotte was so helpful and we felt really safe knowing if she was in charge of our wedding, it would go perfectly.  We didn’t rush in and stuck with the other four viewings, but as those viewings went on we knew more and more West Heath was the venue for us.


J: Hen do

My hen do was in Brighton for the weekend, we played It’s a Knockout, which was great and bonded everyone.  Everyone got on well even though they didn’t know each other, which made me feel I was lucky to have such special, wonderful friends.


M: Stag do

Being a bit of a control freak, I arranged my own stag, but I let the best man take credit.  We went to North Wales to ride the longest zip line in Europe and then went white water rafting.  Everyone enjoyed it as being active is the new getting drunk, but also this was a stag after all, so we finished it off with a night out in Chester…getting drunk.


J: Dress (stunning!), Something old, new and blue?

Dress : I knew I wanted something different than other dresses I had seen before, I wanted people to remember my dress for being my dress.  I was surprised on how many comments I had saying it was vintage and classic style.  But I knew from the moment I tried it on, it was the right dress for me.

M: Suit

I’m not a fan of the conventional morning suit, and realised for not much more then the cost of hiring a suit I could buy a decent three piece suit.  My suits were off the shelf from River Island, and then at least I got to give my groomsmen the suits to keep as a gift.

M&J: Venue décor

West Heath is a beautiful venue, and doesn’t need much if any decoration, all we did was add some personal touches to make it feel more like ours.  Candles are a great way to do this, and it was great to find a venue that allowed them, as most don’t.  Our advice is look at photos from previous weddings at West Heath to see what colour schemes work and to get ideas of little touches to add.

Red Room

M&J: The photographer

Every couple has a budget, and every budget gets stretched.  A photographer wasn’t our top priority, although we wanted a professional photographer to capture the day, we were not interested paying £1500, which some were quoting.  We actually found ours on Groupon, and although maybe not as organised as the £1500 photographers, we still got more then enough great shots.


M&J: First dance

We both went to see the musical Jersey Boys and loved it.  We picked Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by Frankie Valli because of this.  The only problem was Jen got a bit over excited and fell over bringing us both crashing to the ground.

J:  Favourite moment on your wedding day

Favourite moment on your wedding day? It’s hard to choose, as I loved every minute of it.  But two points will always stick out in my mind, my Dad’s face as I walked down the stairs and speaking to Matt as we were signing the register.

M: ditto

Can I say the whole thing? It’s hard to pinpoint one particular thing I really enjoyed, as every part of the day was fantastic.


M&J: Words of Wisdom (advice to future couples organising a wedding, etc…)

Don’t panic! It’s not as stressful as they say.  We used an app on our phone called ‘Guide for Brides’ (Yeah Matt wasn’t happy with the name either), which gave us reminders and deadlines on getting things booked which was really helpful.

I asked Jen’s Dad if he would change anything, and he said he would like to do the day again so he can talk to the people he didn’t get a chance to talk to, as the day went so fast.

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