Weddings at West Heath

I love a good wedding. I always have. There is something about a wedding that takes that warm glow of positivity within me and turns it up to a burning fire of optimism and hope. As a guest or as an onlooker, I find myself wrapped up in the spirit and dynamic of the event. Like a small child at Christmas, I embrace everything with a wide eyed wonder, drinking in the atmosphere and immersing myself in the day. I wear a smile at a wedding which is as much about how I feel about being there as it is for my happiness for the newlyweds. I’m not saying that I’m the first person on the dance floor, that I’m the life or soul of the reception, or that I’m the person throwing around witty comments during the speeches. No, I’m just a willing participant drinking in the sights and sounds, letting the occasion wash over me, floating on the joy of expectation and hope of love and commitment.

So why am I writing a blog about my fairytale feelings about weddings; quite simply because the weddings held at West Heath create fairytale beginnings for others. Some of our couple are aware that the proceeds of their weddings go toward supporting West Heath School’s bursary fund. The fund pays for those young people whom are unable to get financial support from their Local Authority in joining our school. What does this mean to individuals and families? We don’t know for sure how this impacts upon everyone, yet one parent of a young man funded via our bursary said this:

Prior to John’s arrival at your school he was threatening to throw himself from his bedroom window, he had no confidence and did not want to live. I was seriously concerned about his mental health, worried I may lose him and did not know where to turn. He was angry all the time and used to smash up his bedroom, he had no friends and did not want to do anything, including taking care of himself.

Once enrolled into West Heath, the transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. You have had a hugely beneficial impact on his wellbeing and mental health and I regard you as my angels from heaven. I truly believe you saved his life. He has been in the published young writers twice, and now plays bass guitar on stage with others. He is happy, much more confident, good humoured and has made some good friends.

Words cannot begin to explain just how transformative the school has been for him.

John is unrecognisable as the child he used to be and I cannot thank the school enough. I will be forever grateful.

Like I say, I love a good wedding, I love weddings at West Heath even more.

Julian Roberts

Vice Principal

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