Hit a bump in the road?!

Yayyy your best friend is pregnant, but hang on….she is your bridesmaid – what does this mean for your wedding plans?

Firstly, you are not a bridezilla for thinking about how this will affect your wedding day but do make sure to take your best friend out for dinner or drinks to celebrate, that way you can find out all the details.

More than likely one of the three following situations will occurbridal party

  • The baby is due way way way after your big day and she would still very much like to be involved

We have all seen many hen parties and weddings with a pregnant bridesmaid, hell - I was one, you will just need to bear in mind that she may not want to join in with all the late nights in the build up.

If the big bump is a way off and the day is close it is likely you have already selected the bridesmaid dress. If this is the case it might be worth taking it to a tailor and seeing if there is anything they will be able to do to the dress nearer the time. You never know – they may be able to let out a seam and everything else will be fine?! Alternatively, lots of bridesmaid dress suppliers have maternity gowns so you should be okay sourcing a similar colour and styled gown to the previous one.

  • The baby is expected very close to your wedding day and she would still like to be part of the day

Stay calm, she is more likely freaking out more than you at this prospect, I can speak from personal experience – this is very true, especially as there is already a number 1 at home. Try and be patient and as flexible as possible - put yourself in her position, support her and make sure your friendship comes first. Also you may want to inform your coordinator, you might have 2 less mouths to feed and 2 less seats to fill.

  • Little one is due extremely close to your special day and she would rather attend the wedding as a guest

Such a shame! I’m sure you would have loved your best friend to be part of your wedding party and coming to terms with it will be tough, tough for you and especially tough for her as she will feel like the one letting you down. Maybe still reserve her a seat close to the front (with your other bridesmaids) and treat her to a little special personalised bottle of pop for the reception, this might just help her still feel special and close to you on your big day.

Another bump in the road might be, babies in general that pop up after the invites have gone out…

What do you do about newborns at weddings?! Hmmmmm, the age old question, “do we invite youngsters to the wedding?” Lots of guests with children will most definitely fancy a day and night off, free of babies and certain responsibilities, but you have to be mindful that others do not feel the same.

My advice would be to chat to your wedding coordinator/venue and see what they offer and allow. We at West Heath, not to brag, arechildren steps pretty good at accommodating for children of all ages. We have lots of highchairs to keep the little ones strapped down for at least an hour whilst they eat. We have a very varied children’s menu for kids to select from, otherwise you can bring along your own baby food and we can provide hot water for you to warm it through. We also have a quiet, cosy, comfy room for breast feeding mothers - should they want somewhere a bit more private to feed their young ones. Some venues, including us, can even offer to completely change a room within the venue and make it into a crèche, obviously T&C’s apply, we can’t have children bouncing off the walls etc.

So all in all, almost of these hiccups can be overcome with a little time, patience and understanding. Remember babies are the most glorious gift and will be a great additional to a wedding.