Ring or no ring?

24 October 2016

Ring or no ring? Some friends and I were chatting last week-end with our girlfriend who will be getting married next summer. While excitedly covering every possible topics (from the dress, to the venue, the hair, the honeymoon and much much more) ... Read more

Real Weddings, Matt & Jen

18 July 2016

Matt & Jen: How did you meet? We met during a Stand-up comedy course four years ago.  People on the course always thought we were a couple before the course started, but we just hit it off instantly, and found each other really funny, someone h... Read more

Weddings at West Heath

18 July 2016

I love a good wedding. I always have. There is something about a wedding that takes that warm glow of positivity within me and turns it up to a burning fire of optimism and hope. As a guest or as an onlooker, I find myself wrapped up in the spirit an... Read more

Capture the Moment

3 June 2016

I am sat here on a Friday morning about to write my first blog for our lovely new website and I am wondering where to start when there is so much to talk about when it comes to weddings! One of the questions I am often asked as a wedding organiser ... Read more